Door Hangers: To Do

Door Hangers: To Do

Have a memory like a steel trap? Neither do we. But ever since we started jotting down all of our latest and greatest thoughts on our door hangers, forgetfulness has become a thing of the past! Let your brain take a break, and keep all of your thoughts in the handiest of locations: your door knob!

Turn your mundane "To Do" list into something fun and exciting! Hair appointment on Wednesday? Jot it down. Refreshments for Sunday's game? Jot it down. Payday on Friday?! Jot it down. You get the picture! Buy some for yourself and for the forgetful Frannies in your life.

Other Info:Each hanger measures 3.6" X 8.5". Set comes complete with 10 door hangers.


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This product was added to our catalog on Friday 15 February, 2008.